Charitable Projects

The first of our goals is to create independent charitable projects.

At the centre of our initiatives are people, territories and communities; plants and animals that are victims of violence and endangered; oceans and marine ecosystems.

Starting from Rome, we will develop our initiatives internationally, with a focus on Italy, South America, Africa and the Balkans.

Animal Social Club is our project dedicated to biodiversity and endangered animals and victims of violence.


A step back

The Animal Social Club, for friends simply the Animal, was an iconic club born in Rome in 2010 and closed in 2014.

Endless evenings of art, entertainment and predominantly electronic music resulted in events of more than 2000 people at a time, also thanks to numerous international collaborations.

Its founders (including Andrea Schiavoni, one of the founders of Veracura) decided to donate it to Veracura, turning it into an innovative project dedicated to the Planet.


From Club to Oasis

After less than two years of analysis, study and experimentation, the new Animal Social Club has created the first two oases dedicated to biodiversity and endangered animals and victims of violence.

The first oasis is near Rome, in Vitrochiano. For the second, however, we have crossed the Atlantic Ocean and arrived in Colombia, near Cali.

In the future, many more will arise, all over the world.




Parties will once again become the main tools for community building, networking and fundraising.

Music, contemporary art, food & beverages and lots of smiles are the fertile ground for this project.

META is the project dedicated to disadvantaged young people, their communities and territories.

Ours is a vision with a mission: to develop a permanent workshop and an ongoing program of free multidisciplinary educational, training and entertainment activities aimed at both personal empowerment and social regeneration.

The Best is Yet to Come

The Best is Yet to Come was the first step in this journey, which starts in Rome in 2021 and points to the world.

We presented a six-month pilot initiative, completely free of charge, aimed at about 50 people including girls and boys. A journey that began with extremely high quality multidisciplinary educational and training activities and developed through professional co-design workshops aimed at developing and producing urban and environmental regeneration activities capable of transforming residual urban areas and spaces into accessible, usable and functionally differentiated places of exchange and learning, in order to create a synergic relationship between the environment and the social, cultural and economic fabric.

META Coprogettazione

The Future

Our main goal is to extend the META project internationally, connecting and supporting disadvantaged boys and girls, using education, training and entertainment as codes of growth, emancipation and regeneration.


At the heart of BLU, the provisional name of the project dedicated to the sea and its inhabitants, is the desire to implement and support initiatives in favour of marine ecosystems.

The development of BLU, which is in the midst of a study and networking phase, will go live this year, with the aim of presenting a pilot initiative by the end of 2024.

The first edition of the #PLAYURBAN campaign was conceived and supported by Veracura together with MECS and ACSI to help those who risk being left behind by supporting the right to practice sports of marginalized boys and girls who live in the suburbs, including those with disabilities, all over the country.

The aim of the campaign is to keep sports, passion and friendship as close as possible; sport is essential in the life of every young person and must be guaranteed, especially for those who are disadvantaged.

The campaign, which lasted a month and was active on the Produzioni Dal Basso crowdfunding platform, raised 15,000 euros for 8 Amateur Sports Associations selected by ACSI, to guarantee the right to sport to 15 boys and girls, including those with disabilities, who live in disadvantaged conditions.

In particular, the first Amateur Sports Associations to benefit from the funds are: IASA Dance Associazione Sportiva, ASD Equestre il Paradiso dei cavalli, A.S.D. Flying Roller Pesaro, ASD Spazio Danza Due Salice Salentino, ASD Voliamo insieme Roma, Equitiamo ASD, ASD Full HD Olbia and ASD Equitraining h&h.

Sponsors and partners supporting this campaign include: Alessandro Antinelli, Guglielmo Stendardo, Giorgio Avola and Chiara MormileDonato Telesca, ACSI, Lega Pro, CityNews, React, OneDay Group, P&Co., Elephant Consulting Group, Produzioni dal Basso e BSG.


MECS (Movement for Ethics and Culture in Sports), with the support of the Istituto per il Credito Sportivo, ACSI (Associazione di Sport Cultura e Tempo Libero), Lega Pro and AS LUISS, values sport as an educational and social inclusion tool to teach young people to live according to ethical and solidarity principles. Starting with sports, it trains future generations to develop morally correct values, respect for others and observance of the rules, promoting a healthy lifestyle.


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