You have come this far and it is important for us, because it means that a bit of your soul is already running with us.

We are a start-up working for a better future and we still can’t tell you how much and what we will spend this money on. We don’t want to tell you that just 35€ will save a boy or girl from educational poverty or a fox from certain death. What we can tell you is that every drop that falls into our jar stays in the jar and will be used to water our projects.

You can choose the jar though, by choosing the project you want to support.

For the moment, therefore, we can only thank you for your faith in us and your desire to help, even if with a small contribution.

If you have stumbled on this page by chance and want to help us without spending money, there are many other ways.


If you are a person who pays taxes, you can take the donation as a deduction, recovering 30% from your gross taxes, up to a maximum annual amount of 30,000€. To enjoy this tax benefit, you must fill in all fields of the donation, so that the receipt is suitable for this purpose.


If you are a company, you can fully deduct the amount donated from your taxable income, while you can deduct 24% of the amount donated from your IRES, provided that the maximum amount of your annual donations does not exceed 2% of your annual turnover.

Off-line donations by bank transfer

You can send a bank transfer addressed to Veracura Trust Onlus at BPER Bank

IBAN: IT06S0538703201000003290849

Simply include the name of the project you want to support in the reason for payment.

Choose the project you want to donate to

Cryptovalute ed NFT


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The Squad is Veracura’s strength and soul. We are a pack of creative, dynamic and (slightly) rebellious people. We’re armed to the teeth with our best intentions and we put our skills to the service of the common good.



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