How We Fund Us

Our model is simple.

Donations, calls for proposals and public funding will be a marginal part of our fundraising, thus breaking out of a highly restricted logic.

Our economic source comes from founding businesses, capable of generating products and services for our community. With the profits we finance our projects.

We are the prototype of a multinational holding company for good.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Yes, we have an in-house agency. It is called VA and is Punk & Purpose oriented.

We deal with integrated Marketing Innovation projects, with a very deep cultural, ethical and sustainable driver.

Our team and our skills? All of them, everyone and everything wow.

We are developing a revolutionary project.

A phygital marketplace, dedicated to people, non-profit organisations and companies. The offline testing phase is active and we plan to officially present the project by May 2024.

Verastar is our talent agency.

How could we miss it?

It is an arts agency for actresses and actors who believe in art as a form of activism, designed to expand our mission by creating a positive impact through the world of entertainment.

Our vision is inclusive, ethical and geared towards full sustainability in the entertainment world.


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The Squad is Veracura’s strength and soul. We are a pack of creative, dynamic and (slightly) rebellious people. We’re armed to the teeth with our best intentions and we put our skills to the service of the common good.



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