Board of Directors

Andrea Schiavoni

CEO, Marketing and Communication Manager

Diego Cortes

COO, Digital Marketing and Communication Manager

Alessandro Viola Cortes

CFO, Charity System Manager

Paola Rangeri

Institutional Press Office Manager

Roberto Cisternino

Campaign Manager

Giorgio Guidi

Business Acceleration Manager

Caterina Cafarelli

Graphic Design Manager

Sarah Tarantino

Project Manager

Lorenzo Giannini

Account Manager

Eleonora Cimarelli

Multimedia Production Manager

Stefano Meloni

IT, Front-end Development Manager

Francesco Frontali

IT, Front-end Development Manager

Thomas Fabio Borrelli

Industrial and Product Design Creative Director

Luca D'Elia

Industrial and Product Design Production Manager

Fabio Di Gaetano

SEM and SEO Manager

Paolo Di Pierdomenico

Web Marketing Tool Manager

Mauro Zanatto

IT Department Manager

Elena Bonelli

IT Department

Alessio Azzopardi

Architecture and Networking Partner

Walkiria Bertuccioli

F&B Project Managing and Hotels Sales Consulting