Business and Marketing Activism


Profit for People and Planet (PPP)

Veracura Trust Onlus is an extremely agile, fast-moving and globally connected non-profit organization, which acts to generate increasing shares of profit for people and planet, through forms of Business and Marketing Activism.

Promoting the reduction of private profit in favor of common profit, in order to generate social prosperity and environmental protection, is the first of the objectives of Veracura Trust Onlus.

Veracura’s vision is the evolution of the not-for-profit dimension into profit for people and planet (PPP).

The planet and its inhabitants are in urgent need of actively engaged and prepared people and companies who believe in this progressive vision.

Companies, which are among the main players in the economic and social system, should therefore reconsider the concept of maximizing profits at the expense of the social and environmental contexts in which they operate.

This is the reason why behind Veracura: the need to develop highly competitive, innovative and effective development models, capable of producing profit to be redistributed and invested in projects with a positive impact on people and planet.

Veracura represents a group of people who are sensitive to social issues. Over the years, each of them has brought this attention to their own areas of research and work.

Shared worldviews and mutual esteem unite them in their commitment to develop what they believe in: the common good.

Among the founders, the members of the scientific committee and the human resources of Veracura, many possess and share international experiences and networks of the highest entrepreneurial, managerial, academic and institutional profile.

Veracura is a cooperative think tank, a social impact accelerator that develops its own projects and supports non-profits, corporations and big companies in designing initiatives aimed at accelerating their social responsibility and impact. The analytical, strategic and operational model will be that of a business accelerator.

For big companies, especially if they are multinational, Veracura represents a proactive partner to design and manage targeted and progressive Brand Activism activities.

Veracura’s wide range of experiences, skills and networks place itself among other international which believe that the non-profit world needs strong experiences, skills and dedication.

Veracura’s main drivers are music, culture, sport and the environment as messengers of a more ethical, healthy, inclusive, sustainable and therefore conscious vision of the world and of life.

If we were to move away from the model based on private profit in order to practice one inspired by the prosperity of people and planet, the world would be a better place to live in.

With will, confidence and hope, Veracura.

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