Veracura‘s main objective is to generate economic resources for the international development of its projects, which are dedicated to the well-being of people and the planet. Starting from Rome, Veracura will develop its initiatives on an international level, with special attention to the Italian territories, as well as South America, Africa and the Balkans.

At the heart of Veracura’s projects are people, territories and communities; endangered plants and animals or those victims of violence; oceans and marine ecosystems.

The Animal Social Club, for friends simply the Animal, was an iconic club which was founded in Rome in 2010 and closed in 2014.

Endless evenings of art, entertainment and predominantly electronic music resulted in events that hosted more than 2000 people at a time. All this was made possible thanks to numerous international collaborations.

Its members (including Andrea Schiavoni, founder of Veracura) have decided to donate it to Veracura and to Nature, transforming it into something different: a place dedicated to animal victims of violence and plants, to develop initiatives in support of biodiversity.


The events?

The events, initially in Rome and Milan, will later reach Ibiza, London, Belgrade and other cities around the world and will be one of our main networking and fundraising tools.

Music, contemporary art, food & beverage and lots of smile will be the foundation and fertile soil of this project.

For now, get ready and stay tuned.

META is a vision with a mission: to activate and connect communities of young people, both in Italy and abroad. At the core of our actions lie the determination to change the future of people and the planet for the better, contributing to the common good through multidisciplinary education, training and entertainment courses, completely free and with a limited number of participants.  

These courses will build the conditions for the future realization of territorial regeneration and innovation that, by giving space to local communities, will activate social transformation processes on a local level and generate shared value for the whole community.

The Best is Yet to Come

The Best is Yet to Come was the first step in this journey, which started in 2021 in Rome, but aims at the world.

Veracura and its network of partners presented META, the best is yet to come: a completely free pilot initiative that lasted 6 months and involved around 50 young people. A process that began with high quality multidisciplinary educational and training activities and developed through professional co-designing workshops aimed at generating and producing urban and environmental regeneration activities. These were capable of transforming residual urban areas and spaces into accessible, usable and functionally differentiated places of exchange and learning, in order to create a synergic relationship between the environment and the social, cultural and economic fabrics.

META Coprogettazione

The Future

Veracura and its partners aim to replicate and extend the META project internationally, connecting and supporting disadvantaged youth, using education, training and entertainment as conduits for growth, empowerment and regeneration.

Our short-term goal is to replicate META in three Italian cities in 2022, reaching Bogotá, Belgrade and Dakar in 2023.

In general terms, META aims at developing a free permanent lab, offering a continuous program of multidisciplinary educational, training and entertainment activities designed for personal, professional and self-employment growth and for social, urban and environmental regeneration.

Will it be possible? Yes, definitely.



BLU, the provisional name of the project dedicated to the sea and its inhabitants, is rooted in the desire to implement and support initiatives that benefit marine ecosystems.

The development of BLU, which is in the midst of a study and networking phase, will get underway this year, with the aim of presenting a pilot initiative by the end of 2022.

The first edition of the #PLAYURBAN campaign was conceived and supported by Veracura together with MECS and ACSI to help those who risk being left behind by supporting the right to practice sports of marginalized boys and girls who live in the suburbs, including those with disabilities, all over the country.

The aim of the campaign is to keep sports, passion and friendship as close as possible; sport is essential in the life of every young person and must be guaranteed, especially for those who are disadvantaged.

The campaign, which lasted a month and was active on the Produzioni Dal Basso crowdfunding platform, raised 15,000 euros for 8 Amateur Sports Associations selected by ACSI, to guarantee the right to sport to 15 boys and girls, including those with disabilities, who live in disadvantaged conditions.

In particular, the first Amateur Sports Associations to benefit from the funds are: IASA Dance Associazione Sportiva, ASD Equestre il Paradiso dei cavalli, A.S.D. Flying Roller Pesaro, ASD Spazio Danza Due Salice Salentino, ASD Voliamo insieme Roma, Equitiamo ASD, ASD Full HD Olbia and ASD Equitraining h&h.

Sponsors and partners supporting this campaign include: Alessandro Antinelli, Guglielmo Stendardo, Giorgio Avola and Chiara MormileDonato Telesca, ACSI, Lega Pro, CityNews, React, OneDay Group, P&Co., Elephant Consulting Group, Produzioni dal Basso e BSG.


MECS (Movement for Ethics and Culture in Sports), with the support of the Istituto per il Credito Sportivo, ACSI (Associazione di Sport Cultura e Tempo Libero), Lega Pro and AS LUISS, values sport as an educational and social inclusion tool to teach young people to live according to ethical and solidarity principles. Starting with sports, it trains future generations to develop morally correct values, respect for others and observance of the rules, promoting a healthy lifestyle.



Yes, Veracura has an internal Agency. Its name is VA, and it is a bit Punk!

We engage in integrated Business & Marketing Innovation projects, with a very deep cultural, ethical and sustainable focus.

Among the founders, advisors and resources of Veracura, many possess and share international experiences and networks of the highest entrepreneurial, managerial, academic and institutional profile.




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The Squad is Veracura’s strength and soul. We are a pack of creative, dynamic and (slightly) rebellious people. We’re armed to the teeth with our best intentions and we put our skills to the service of the common good.



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