Cryptophilanthropy: how will charity grow through cryptocurrencies?

Criptovalute e filantropia

Cryptocurrencies are now a true global phenomenon. The number of users who own and trade cryptocurrencies is growing, and is estimated to reach 1 billion by the end of 2022. As the popularity of cryptocurrencies has grown, so has their value. Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, reached its highest value in 2021, reaching over $66,000. […]

Crypto volatility: what is the impact on nonprofits, philanthropy, and donations

volatilità crypto

At the moment, the crypto market is going through a delicate phase, in which major declines have been recorded in almost all cryptocurrencies, mainly driven by Bitcoin’s decline. In May this year, in fact, Bitcoin saw its value drop about 50% compared to previous months. The slump continued in June, where the world’s most popular […]

Why it is important to protect farm animals

Animali da reddito

The category of livestock animals (of farm animals) is so defined because it indicates a category of animals raised for the production of foodstuffs (i.e., products for food) or other consumer goods for trade. In Italy, there is also a law that accurately frames the definition of livestock animals, namely Legislative Decree No. 146 of […]

NFT and fundraising: how NFTs support the nonprofit world

Fundraising NFT

Can NFTs be used for charity? The acronym “NFT” stands for Non-Fungible-Token, and by now most people already know what it is: a token that represents the deed to a digital asset that is non-fungible, i.e., not replaceable with anything else. This deed is recorded on the blockchain, thus becoming immutable and visible to anyone. […]

What is interspecific integration?

integrazione interspecifica

An ecosystem together represents a community of organisms and living beings and the environment in which they exist and interact. An ecosystem is affected by and simultaneously influences the relationships that occur within it among all the organisms that comprise it. There are in fact two major types of relationships in ecosystems: Intraspecific relationships, which […]

Cryptoactivism: what it means to do activism in the era of cryptocurrencies

The gradual spread of cryptocurrencies and their growing popularity soon led to the exploration of all the many applications of this technology and the digital ledger that tracks its movements: the blockchain. It soon became apparent how these technologies can be a valuable medium for activism and the nonprofit world. But how does blockchain technology […]

Biodiversity: meaning and implications in 2022


The term “biodiversity” refers to the totality of living beings on our planet. This means that it includes not only animals and humans, but also plants and microorganisms. The concept of biodiversity does not simply refer to the diversity that exists on Earth, but also represents how this diversity is essential to the lives of […]

How cryptocurrencies and NFT can boost charities fundraising activites


The advent of blockchain and cryptocurrencies has been a major event not only for those looking to seize an investment opportunity, but also for the non-profit world. The potential that these innovations present for non-profits has not been slow to manifest itself, making it clear that they can be used as a fundraising tool. There […]