Veracura is a new model, unique in its kind: a progressive social and environmental impact accelerator.

By using innovation, business and marketing as forms of activism, we create our own projects and help non-profit organizations and large companies to increase their positive impact.

In a nutshell, we are a Global Business and Marketing Innovation Company, not for private profit.

Our purpose is to generate profit for projects so as to improve the condition of the planet and its inhabitants.

Veracura represents a group of people united by a keen concern for social and environmental issues. Over the years, we all transposed this sensitivity to our workplaces and research interests.

A shared vision and mutual respect unite us in our commitment to develop what we believe in: the common good.

Our big virtual dream? Becoming a DAO, as soon as possible. WAGMI!


Business, Marketing and Innovation Activism


Profit for People and Planet (PPP)

Veracura Trust Onlus

is an extremely agile, fast-moving and globally connected non-profit organization, which acts to generate increasing shares of profit to benefit people and the planet through forms of Business, Marketing and Innovation Activism.

One of the first objectives of Veracura is to promote the reduction of private profit in favor of common profit, in order to generate social prosperity and environmental protection.

Veracura’s vision is the evolution of the non-for-profit dimension into profit-for-people-and-planet (PPP).

The planet and its inhabitants are in urgent need of actively engaged and prepared people, organizations and companies who believe in this progressive vision.

Companies, which are among the main players in the economic and social system, should therefore reconsider the concept of maximizing profits at the expense of the social and environmental contexts in which they operate.

This is exactly where the idea for Veracura initially came from: the need to cultivate highly competitive, innovative and effective development models, capable of producing profit that can be redistributed and invested in projects with a positive impact on people and the planet.

Veracura represents a group of people who are sensitive to social and environmental issues. Over the years, each of them has brought this attention to their own areas of research and work.


Among the founders, the members of the scientific committee and the human resources of Veracura, many possess and share international experiences and networks of the highest entrepreneurial, managerial, academic and institutional profile.

Veracura is a cooperative think tank, an Activism Accelerator that develops its own projects and supports non-profits organizations and corporations in designing initiatives with the purpose of accelerating their social and environmental responsibility and impact. The analytical, strategic and operational model is that of a Global Business and Marketing Innovation Company.

For big companies, especially if they are multinational, Veracura represents a proactive partner to design and manage targeted and progressive Brand Activism activities.

Our extensive experience and network, paired with a varied range of skills, places Veracura among some of the best internationally recognized organizations, which believe that the non-profit world needs strong innovation, experience, skills and dedication.

If we were to move away from the model based on private profit and towards practicing one inspired by the prosperity of people and the planet, the world would be a better place to live in.

With will, confidence and hope,


Veracura was able to create a team based on the strong belief in a necessary shift of the paradigm of how we use one’s profession.  Generating impact is also a matter of competences and relations, not only conviction.

For this reason, our Squad members possess and share international experiences and networks of the highest entrepreneurial, managerial, academic and institutional profile.

First Line Squad

Andrea schiavoni

CEO, Marketing and Communication Manager

Diego Cortes

Chief Digital Operations and Communication Manager

Alessandro Viola Cortes

CFO, Charity System Manager

Paola Rangeri

Institutional Press Office Manager

Roberto Cisternino

Chief Operating Officer

Giorgio Guidi

Business Acceleration Manager

Thomas Kemps

Activism Analyst & Strategist

Flaminia Carli

Copywriter and Creative

Marta Fava


Livia Stacchini

Junior Art Director

Tina Fasan

Video Editor e Junior Art Director

Giordano Marra

Biodiversity Manager & Partner

Alessio Castagna

Documentary & Foto Maker

Giulia Bocca

Psychology of Marketing and Communication

Giulia Cimini

Digital Marketing & Communication Specialist

Thomas Fabio Borrelli

Industrial and Product Design Creative Director

Luca D’Elia

Industrial and Product Design Production Manager

Fabio Di Gaetano

SEM and SEO Manager

Paolo Di Pierdomenico

Web Marketing Tool Manager

Mauro Zanatto

IT Department Manager

Alessio Azzopardi

Architecture and Networking Partner

Elena Bonelli

IT Department

Advisory Squad

Hu Lanbo

International Relations - China

Publisher, Journalist, Writer, Knight of the Italian Republic - Ordine della Stella d’Italia

Stefano Mentana

Media and Communication

Publisher, Journalist, Writer, Knight of the Italian Republic

Paolo Del Bene


Director AS Luiss, Lecturer, Founding Member of MECS

Raffaele Costantino


Music consultant, DJ, radio host

Paolo Petrocelli

Cultural Heritage

Co-Founder and Honorary President of Italian Youth Association for UNESCO, General Director Accademia Stauffer of Cremona

Martina Rogato


Member of the Italian delegation of Women20, Co-founder of Young Women Network, Corporate Responsibility Expert for Amnesty International

Giovanni Corrado

International Relations - USA

Legal and Public Policy Consultant, UNF Youth Ambassador, Charity Grassroots Fundraising, Former White House Intern

Chiara Rosselli

Policy Innovation and Adaptive Leadership

Director of Mercator European Dialogue and Senior Program Officer for the German Marshall Fund in the USA

Luca Bazzoli

Social Entrepreneur

Ecosystem manager in Ashoka Italy, Founder of the Uno Ecosistemi platform, Senior Advisor on social entrepreneurship for impact investing funds and international foundations

Lorenzo D'Angelo

Independent Creative Director

Associate Creative Director for Saatchi & Saatchi Italy and Publicis Italy, former Director of Communication of Presidencia de la Naciòn Argentina

Paolo Iabichino


Advertising Writer and Creative Director. Founder of the Civic Brands Observatory with Ipsos Italy

Alessio Mazzalupi


Co-founder Cents and President Bocconi Students Fintech Society

Fabio Viola

Metaverse, Gaming e Gamification

Gamification expert, founder of TuoMuseo. Collaborates with Electronic Arts Mobile and Vivendi Games for Fifa, The Sims, Harry Potter. Lecturer, video game designer and game designer for Lucca Comics & Games.

Damiano Javier De Carlo

Brand Management

Brand Manager, Entrepreneur

Gaetano Maria Russo

Art Expert

Founder and President of the association Tramandars. He has created numerous projects for the redevelopment of the territory, such as the project AQUA with Vittorio Valiante, a work of public art wall to redevelop the former NATO base of Bagnoli in Naples.

Giovanni Negri

Art Expert

Journalist, lawyer, administrative officer for public companies, former councillor for Culture at the Municipality of Brusicano, director of Tramandars and editor at Atlante dell'Enciclopedia Treccani.

Renata Metastasio

Psychology of Marketing and Communication

Researcher of Sociology of Cultural Processes, President of the Communication and Marketing Psychology Course - Faculty of Medicine and Psychology - Sapienza - University of Rome

Luigi Filippo Ecuba

Media & Sport

Journalist, Business Executive and Advisor, former Brand & Media Content Director of FC International Milan and Director of Eurosport Italy, Spain, Portugal

Francesco Colicci

Digital Business

Entrepreneur, Marketing Executive Hootsuite, Sole24Ore Marketing Master Coordinator

Martino Cortese

Social Innovation

Social Entrepreneur, CEO Citybility Società Benefit

Arianna Saita

Marketing & Communication

Marketing & Digital Executive

Marco Onorato

Community Building & Management

Founder & Head of Content @Marketing Espresso, Social Media Consultant, Forbes Leader Digital

Chiara Schettino

Startupper and young student

Co-founder of Conthackto, Europe's first online hackathon platform for teenagers

Petra Barna

Global Ambassador

Client Relationship Management and Global Business Development - Associate Director & Head of Sales at The Ortus Club

Alessandro Strozzi

Public & International Relations Officer

Collaborator at Master Institutional Relations - LUISS Business School - Aspen Institute Junior Fellow

Rossella Bartolozzi

Organic Culture and Regenerative Agriculture

CFO of Probios, Founding Member of Fondazione Est Ovest, Board Member of Federbio and Executive Member of Toscana Bio

Ornella Cicchetti

Contemporary Handicraft & Design

Creative Entrepreneur, Music Manager, Founder Mercato Monti, Headhunter Serialskillers

Alessandro Biraglia

Consumer Behaviour

Lecturer - Leeds University Business School, Consumer Behaviour and Global Marketing

Selena Tomei

Soft Skills

PhD in Social Psychology, AIF Trainer and Asnor Orientator, Founder SOS Skills

Vieri Del Panta

Statistics and Data Analytics

Professor of Statistics - Luiss, European University of Rome, Member of the Research Centre Robust Statistics Academy of Parma University, CEO of BeE Dynamic Statistics

Flavia Trupia

Rhetoric and Linguistics

Administrator of Per La Retorica, lecturer, author, speaker

Riccardo Lozzi

Sustainable Mobility

Lecturer, Communicator, Communication Manager at TRElab (University of Roma Tre)

Matteo Di Calisto



Crypto Squad

Thomas Kemps

Decentralised Governance Expert

Alessio Pezzin

DAO & Token Economics Expert

Francesco Frontali

Multichain Senior Dev

Stefano Meloni

Multichain Senior Dev

Philip Bunford

Strategy & Business Development

Giacomo Cristofaro

Technical NFT Market Analyst & NFT Utilities Expert

Daniele Marino

NFT Strategist & Communication Specialist

Donatella Maisto

Blockchain and Business Integration Expert

Edoardo Freschi Diana

Legal & Fintech Expert

Claudio Cagliostro

Freestyle Strategist & DeFi Punk

Leon Donadoni

Strategist & DeFi Expert

Federica Elena Ratti di Desio Levi

Marketing Specialist & NFT Enthusiast

Salvatore Federico

Finance & Tech Expert

Marco Giacalone

NFT Strategy Advisor & BAYC Member

Niccolò Bruno

NFT Community Manager



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The Squad is Veracura’s strength and soul. We are a pack of creative, dynamic and (slightly) rebellious people. We’re armed to the teeth with our best intentions and we put our skills to the service of the common good.



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